9 Singaporean t-shirt labels to look out for

There's a growing number of local t-shirt labels popping up in Singapore over the years. This is great news since Singaporeans now have more options than ever to express ourselves.

In this post, we've put together a list of unique Singaporean t-shirt brands we've discovered (including our own #shamelessplug). If you're looking for funny Singlish-inspired gift ideas, or the next SG-themed tee to impress your friends, you've come to the right place. #everybodyhuatah

  1. Statement

    Statement t-shirts Singapore

    Founded in early 2012 by Visa and Desmond, Statement creates and sells breezy, fun t-shirts and totebags that start conversations. Some of the top selling tees from Statement are danger high voltage, knnbccb, bojio? and not forgetting the new pls don't chibai featuring Singa's cousin. Go to Statement.

  2. Superwhite

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    A Singaporean label whose name in Chinese sounds uncomfortably similar to the Hokkien dialect's most infamous vulgar word. Apart from us, they are the only other label selling naughty t-shirts in Singapore. All their fantastic t-shirts come in superb packaging as well. Go to Superwhite.

  3. A Good Citizen

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    The Good Citizen Movement is a channel to express our pet peeves in a light-hearted and humorous manner. You'd probably have come across some of their amazing artworks on Facebook. And I personally think Citizen Dan is one of the finest artists I've seen in the local satire art scene. If you wanna be a good citizen too, get their t-shirts!

  4. Roadside Stall

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    Roadside Stall is a patriotic Singaporean T-shirt brand that celebrates the many subcultures in multicultural Singapore. My favourite t-shirt from their online store is definitely The Hopeful, because the phrase (literally translates to "buying hope") on the t-shirt is what my dad always says when he tries his luck at the Singapore Pools. Visit Roadside Stall.

  5. Less Than Positive

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    Featuring a range of subversive messaging, Less Than Positive is made for that quiet rebel inside all of us. I'm sure we can all relate to the t-shirt "Why is it not Friday yet?"

    Trivia: Before we started Statement, we reached out to Eugene from Less Than Positive to get his advice on t-shirt production! Very grateful for his help. :)

    Go to Less Than Positive.

  6. Uncle Ahn T

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    Uncle Ahn T specialises in localised parody of high-end brands on t-shirts. Don't want Prada? Get Prata lah. 

  7. Temasek Clothings

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    Temasek Clothings is a side project of Melvin and Selena. Their wonderful mix of funny, punny and cool t-shirts generally appeal to folks from all walks of life - be it advertising peeps, random ang moh, people from the Lee family, and even students who excel in Chinese essays.  Visit Temasek Clothings.

  8. Wet Tee Shirt

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    Wet Tee Shirt is a local t-shirt brand whose aim is to perpetuate the unique Singapore culture and identity into a cohesive whole. It aims to bring Singaporeans closer together with shared childhood memories to entrench a deeper Singapore culture. Get your Wet Tee Shirt!

  9. Motley Island

    Motley Island

    Motley Island adds a bit of colour to our island living. A friend to animals and a lover of Singapore, Motley Island is for anyone original, quirky and weird. Visit Motley Island.


That's all for the list for now! If you'd like to suggest a local t-shirt brand that you think should definitely be part of the list, or that there are inaccurate information about the brands we featured, let us know ok?

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