Important notes:

  1. Request for t-shirt exchanges may incur additional charges and will require up to 30 days to process. Please check your t-shirt sizing properly before you confirm your order.
  2. Measure one of your existing t-shirts to determine the correct sizing you should take. 
  3. Make an allowance of +/- 2 cm for these measurements provided. We cannot guarantee that the manufacturer fulfils the exact measurements displayed here.



statement unisex sizing

XS 45.7cm (18") 63.5cm (25")
S 48.2cm (19") 66.0cm (26")
M 50.8cm (20") 68.5cm (27")
L 53.3cm (21") 71.1cm (28")
XL 55.8cm (22") 73.6cm (29")
XXL 58.4cm (23") 76.2cm (30")




Visa (@visakanv) wears a Men's L.

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